Welcome to the ITEPS Portal.

ITEPS Portal is a web-site operated by Bank Negara Malaysia for the purpose of facilitating members of the public and private companies to obtain up-to-date information on conditions where approval from JPPA of BNM is needed before transactions with Non-resident can be carried out.

To apply for approval, the portal allows user to fill-in and submit necessary information in presribed online web application forms to JPPA of BNM. Applications submitted through the portal will benefit from quiker turnaround time compare with manual hardcopy submission.

ITEPS Portal also provides online web forms to help individuals, private companies, banking institutions and lead arrangers to submit compliance reports to JPPA and JPS of BNM.

Go ahead and try the features in ITEPS Portal. It beats manual filling of prescribed hardcopy forms and the use of postal service to mail information to BNM.